The History of an edge for shaving represents big, volume, interesting, but uneasy and on its big extent the dark chapter. The Funny thing is Ascertained already in the beginning: the edge for shaving of an early epoch - time approximately from 600 till 200 years B.C. - is testified by numerous finds. And on the contrary, comparing in the subsequent almost 2000 - that is since time of blossoming of Roman empire up to XIX century - full silence reigns. The reason of it Not balance to name simple: edges for shaving of the early period were from bronze which has well remained in the earth, more and more late have been made from Gland, behind a small exception were not works of art and consequently were thrown out, melted and thus have been lost for ever. Have remained The first edges for shaving of the beginning of the middle of a bronze age - approximately 600 years B.C. They quite correspond to the appointment, that is that fact, that They are very sharp, workers of the German museum of edges for shaving in Solingen can quite confirm. The samples found in the Western and Average Europe, Concerning by the period, beginning from 600 years B.C. and before a new era, have the big variety of forms. For example, edges for shaving are known With the frame handle, with the frame handle and a cross-beam, with С…-shaped handle connection, with a vertical average cross-beam, with a lung or Deep cut of a cloth of an edge, with the tape handle, the handle from many rings, the full handle, the g-shaped handle, lateral The ring handle, with a lateral shaft of the handle and in the form of a half moon. If razors of average and southern Europe have been equipped by an edge in the form of a half moon and Always by all means with strongly convex edge in the form of a circle segment razors of a bronze age from the North are extended at length, are equipped short, frequently Ornated, sometimes the bent handle - the probe. In ancient Rome there were edges for shaving from iron. Has remained it is a little bit exemplary from them, As this material not so proof. On a tombstone of the seller of knifes of I century except garden knifes, knifes of collectors of grapes and kitchen knifes, it is possible To learn as well the extended, moderately rounded off knife which represents a shaving edge. At it very short handle made, possibly, From wood, and a loop for suspension. About medieval users of razors we can receive some representation, though and is very poor, from very The distinct image on a playing card in Vienna where the edge has the form of a half moon and, thanks to this bend, is in harmony with the bent, narrow handle.

Underlining accuracy and impeccability of the appearance, smoothly shaved cheeks and chins throughout all history of mankind were especially popular among Military men. To business there were any sharp subjects - knifes, pole-axes, sabres, draughts. Subsequently the fighting cold steel became an open razor prototype.

In 1770 the French hairdresser Jean-Jacque Perret writes the treatise under the name "The Art of Learning to Shave Oneself (La Pogonotomie)"-"Training to shaving art (Pogonotomie) ". In the treatise it gives to men councils about use of various means and tools for shaving. Also in this book the idea for the first time has been put forward About "safety razor". Approximately then the man's care of appearance left on hitherto unknown to mankind level. Having had an opportunity to look after itself more carefully, Also without harm to health, strong of a floor have not failed to take advantage there and then to it. In XVIII-XIX centuries among simple European people hearings about aristocrats went and Court idlers, who have a shave on some times in day, and then also pull out tweezers hairs which are cut off insufficiently accurately. Now it is clear, Now it is clear, In what torments man's sexuality was born.

So unusual subject of a collecting has appeared recently, in the end of XIX century ingenious American King Camp Gillette has invented a safety razor. The idea has come to his head to place the double pointed edge between two plates and to attach to them the handle. So there were T-shaped safety razors, which to This time - original greetings from time immemorial, - for men and women.

The American inventor of a safe edge and the razor was born on January, 5th, 1855. King Camp Gillette since the childhood liked to invent different "features". Probably, a name Defines destiny of the person. It named King (king) in honour of the friend to the father - King. And mum - Camp was the author well-known "The Cookbook of the White house". Its father was engaged in the hardware goods of firm of inventor William Pejntera. King Gillette has invented many useful things. So, in 1879 it has patented The complete set from the piston and the plug for the water crane. But the thought on designing of a safe shaving set has come to it already in Age of 40 years. However idea on creation certain short-lived, that is why cheap consumer bagatelle which after use it is possible To throw out, having got in exchange new, has been presented"nevertheless by its friend, the inventor of disposable tin stoppers William Pejnterom. Since that moment and to an embodiment during a life of a concrete subject of daily demand thanks to which Gillette also it became well-known, has passed about 20 years! In the summer morning 1895 Gillette has found out, that its razor has already hopelessly become blunted, from what followed, that it is necessary to address once again to the grinder. On a wave of inspiration the imagination has generated in consciousness the machine tool with replaceable (spare) edges, - he has created an especial edge - short, thin, ground with Two parties, the steel plate fixed in the demountable holder, connected to the handle perpendicularly. So, the accompanying is equal in 6 days the drawing and " The letter "(description) about expediency of an innovation were ready. But, ironically, another 6 years spent in search of money! Another on Gillette's place already would surrender for a long time (but it - a goat persistently going to the victory!), and the designer piously trusted in the good luck, success.

So, later 6 years from the moment of the invention, in 1901 he has managed to convince several friends to put up money in the project that has yielded the results: Having typed $5000 and having received the patent for the invention, he has soon created firm "Gillette Razor Company". The very first bilateral disposable edges have appeared on sale in 1903. For that year it has been sold only - 51 machine tool and 168 edges, but already in 1904 - 91 000 and 123 000 accordingly! So, in 1908 the profit on sales has exceeded $13 000 000!!! The First World War for some time has interrupted its activity. Villages Zhillet on a train also has gone to Washington. He has offered the invention of army, - Absolutely free of charge. Great patriotic gesture.

The Army, as is known, adored free things. The razor was portable, and the belt was not required any more to grind it. When the edge became Stupid, it was necessary to insert simply into the razor a new edge - from the company "Gillette Safety Razor". Certainly, that during the First World War demand on cheap and Simple in circulation razors has considerably increased, and the quantity of the sold goods was estimated in millions copies. In 1921 expired term of the 20-year-old exclusive patent for disposable edges, it meant, that in the market immediately there will be new strong competitors. On purpose to prevent similar troubles, the company has developed for preservation of leadership and has let out model of the new sample, - another The machine tool, in 5 times is cheaper than the former. The profit on a novelty has repeatedly exceeded incomes of former years, having justified all calculations and risks.

Disposable edges were packed in special wrappers which drawing periodically varied. And time is a thing mass enough and accessible, early Or late there will be their people collecting. By the way, Mr. Gillette was the collector. It found calmness of soul and a consolation in cultivation cactus. Obviously, often seeing Their prickles were counterbalanced internally by understanding of that its invention daily destroys millions and their billions on chins of men вcего the world. King C. Gillette Has got on wrapper for shaving edges my firms, about it sing in advertising on TV.


From the moment of occurrence of packings and "cardboard cards" from Gillette has begun the procession on a planet and a collecting of bags from edges. Its portrait Has been embodied on the first wrappers from edges, and they have remained today at collectors. More than 60 countries of the world at various times let out edges (and accordingly, wrappers for them). Their greatest quantity has been let out in Germany, set of small and large factories - to 7-8 thousand wrappers. Factories of Czechoslovakia, USSR, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Denmark, USA, Great Britain also have brought the contribution. The greatest collection belongs to the inhabitant of Warsaw Andrzej Potyra, - nearby 40 000 wrappers. Little bit smaller meetings Italian A.Tozzi, Czech Jan Hajek. In USSR a collecting of wrappers from blades it was not so popular, but rather large collections in USSR - nevertheless were. In Russia reght large collector is Victor Voronkov from St-Petersburg. Its collection has more than 14 000 wrappers. Hardly it is less in a collection of Muscovites Pavel Zuzin and Victor Shabla. To the author of these lines, the owner the little more than 8000 wrappers, it is still very far to the big collections of wrappers from blades. But nevertheless, You receive the full information on a collecting subject.

In the last 10 - 15 years have considerably decreased production safety razor blades. Them have replaced different razors cartridges blades for shaving. But nevertheless, the collection continues to grow.

The Collection can be divided into three sections on the country to the manufacturer:

  • Soviet Union
  • Russia
  • Foreign

Further the foreign section is subdivided on:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • North America
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Australia and Oceania
  • Africa

And further on the different countries. In a virtual collection brought to your attention, Are present only wrappers with original drawing of a face sheet. All versions on a back, including lateral valves, are as a subject Collecting, are presented in my house tangible variant of a collection.

I Will be very glad to all responses, and as to references to similar meetings.


The site has some links to related meetings, mainly related to the collecting of envelopes containing razor blades. These sites also have many links on the topic shaving. Collections are quite different - it's safe and machine tools, razors, blades and sharpeners, and many other accessories for shaving. So will virtually unlimited space for "surfing".

Good luck!


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